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Recenzii phillipthomas-2 Shortcuts at a local abattoir and burger restaurant result in a young girl becoming gravely ill from toxin.

See Funny Face Lily Made before she read Toxin by Robin Cook (1998 Hardcover)

The girls father, a well-respected local cardiac surgeon, tries in vain to save her and then diverts his attention to finding the source of the contamination.

Another enjoyable medical thriller from Robin Cook. A little predictable and slow at times, but otherwise a recommended read.

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A bit scary, makes you robin cook toxin what's going on with the food we eat. One night he takes robin cook toxin to a fast-food restaurant for a feast of burgers and fries.

He is best known for being the author who created the medical-thriller genre by combining medical writing with the thri Librarian Note: Not to be confused with British novelist Robin Cook a pseudonym of Robert William Arthur Cook. He is best known for being the author who created the medical-thriller genre by combining medical writing with the thriller genre of writing. A number of his books have robin cook toxin been featured in Reader's Digest. Many were also featured in the Literary Guild.

But tragedy strikes when the young girl falls ill. She dies horrifically several days later as a result of poisoning by E. Everything suggests her death was the result of shoddy food-handling practices, but who is going to admit to that?

robin cook toxin

Frantic with grief, Kim throws all his energies into tracing the cause of the contamination. He is well prepared for bureaucratic robin cook toxin, but is soon met with terrifying violence as powerful vested interests conspire to discourage his enquiries. Aided by his ex-wife, Kim pursues a deadly trail of complicity and guilt stretching from the slaughterhouse floor to the corporate boardroom.

robin cook toxin

And, in a race against time before others are poisoned, they finally come face to face with the shocking robin cook toxin elusive truth This book was more of a social statement on the meat packing industry, rather than an enjoyable novel. I found the actions of the main characters rather unbelievable at times.

It was a book that Robin cook toxin felt like I had to complete, rather than one I wanted to complete.

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