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Dysbiosis chronic fatigue

The increasing incidence of the breast cancer needs more comprehensive assessment approaches to ensure the best quality of the medical care before and after mastectomy and breast reconstruction, to minimize the negative consequences and to target maximum therapeutic compliance. The best results may be achieved in a multidisciplinary team.

dysbiosis chronic fatigue

Dysbiosis chronic fatigue objective of the study was to introduce the Multidisciplinary Management File for Breast Cancer Patients, for dysbiosis chronic fatigue more comprehensive management of the breast cancer case.

Material and methods. Twenty patients of this prospective study, aged years, divided into 2 groups: the study group 10 patients in which the Multidisciplinary Management File for Breast Cancer Patients was used and the control group 10 patientsin which the classic approach was applied.

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Six patients had breast reconstruction, compared to 3 patients in the control group. The data confirm the increased efficiency of the use of the Multidisciplinary Management File for Breast Cancer Patients, with a better objective and subjective evolution compared to the cases approached in a classical manner.

Teamwork facilitates the communication between specialists, as well as between the specialists and the patients.

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The quality of life of patients after total laryngectomy is influenced by both the disease and the radical therapeutic interventions. After surgical treatment, vocal rehabilitation, along with pulmonary and deglutition rehabilitation, are necessary.

dysbiosis chronic fatigue

The objective of the study was to assess the quality of life in patients with total laryngectomy. Materials and methods. A questionnaire with 14 questions was randomly addressed to patients with total laryngectomy dysbiosis chronic fatigue presented to Coltea Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania, over a period of three months.

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Fifty patients answered that they had no pain. Regarding everyday activities, 34 patients answered that they were dysbiosis chronic fatigue active as before surgery. Regarding their appearance, 50 dysbiosis chronic fatigue answered that there is no change, or the change is minor, while 39 answered that dysbiosis chronic fatigue appearance bothers them, but they remain active, and 5 answered that they feel disfigured and limit their activity, while 6 patients answered that they cannot be with other people because of their aspect.

dysbiosis chronic fatigue

Regarding everyday activity, 67 patients answered dysbiosis chronic fatigue are times when they cannot keep up with their old pace, but they get out of the house and enjoy life. About their mood, 38 patients answered that they were not in a good mood, nor depressed, while 36 said their mood is generally good and only occasionally affected by cancer.

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Six patients answered that their mood is excellent, while 15 patients were somewhat depressed and 5 were extremely depressed. Swallowing, taste and saliva quality have a great impact on the quality of life of patients with total laryngectomy and also influence their nutritional status.

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